It was possible to learn how to build robots at Cafe Neu Romance

Workshops was added to Cafe Neu Romance starting from the second edition in 2013. Here the visitors could participate in three different kinds of workshops.

The French machine artist Zaven Paré conducted the electronic puppet workshop twice with great succes. The participants modified toy robots into new expressions. On the last day of the festival the Czech DIY-Maker Robert Holub hold a beetlebot workshop, while at the same time there was running a MINDSTORMS workshop where some of the audience could get hands on the advanced robotic kit from LEGO Group. In 2014 the American artist Fernando Orellana hold a Ready-Made Hack workshop.

The Official LEGO MINDSTORMS Expert and Authour of many LEGO MINDSTORMS books, Matthias Paul Scholz from Germany, hold a LEGO MINDSTORMS workshop at Cafe Neu Romance 2014.

In 2015 the Danish Professor Cathrine Hasse and PostDoc Jamie Wallace, both working at DPU, Aarhus University held a workshop where the participants should draw drawings of their imaginations of robots, and wherein the NAO robot was demonstrated, and in 2016 a Prague Hebocon Workshop was held just before the robot sumo competition for technically ungifted people took place.

[image source: Vive Les Robots!]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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The Danish "robot" marketing and event firm Vive Les Robots! was the main organizer of Cafe Neu Romance.


The Gallery of the National Technical Library in Prague, Galerie NTK, was the co-organizer of Cafe Neu Romance.


The Institute of Intermedia (IIM) at the Czech Technical University, was a special partner of Cafe Neu Romance.