CNR 2015: Exhibition: Vive Les Robots (DNK): RUR Robots

At Cafe Neu Romance 2015, the visitors can see a photo exhibiton of all the LEGO MINDSTORMS robots RUR-Team have designed in collaboration with Vive Les Robots for the prologue of the RUR play.

Below is a description of the thoughts behind the design of the robot characters RUR-team have created.

Domin is a tall, thin figure with a distinctive human features. It is possible  to recognize most of his  body parts, which was actually  a very tough nut to crack.

It's a robot that has a relatively narrow body, due to the female figure. Compared to the other robots, she has not got so  broad shoulders.  She  uses oddly shaped feet with front wheel drive and rear stabilizing wheels.

Sulla is not just a secretary. It is the best  secretary in  the world, because she is a  robot. The author used her  as a good example of human prejudices (secretary is supposed to be  a woman). Our Sulla is very beautiful due to her  boxy appearance.

Dr. Gall:
This robot is characterized by its low height and agility typical for this character.He has got a three-wheel drive for his better stability and ride. His hands are used to indicate the basic operations such as a handshake.

We had some ideas what should  Fabry look like so we created this robot to  fulfill these ideas. He is skinny,  young and has broad shoulders.

Dumpy figure should give the impression of awkwardness so the  slow and short  robot was created to play this role.

He is a robot which is, according to our ideas, a  perfect and a smart machine, obedient and with no  emotions.  Therefore, it is stable and easy to handle.

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[image source: David Zichovský and Filip Worm]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Cafe Neu Romance 2015:



R.U.R. team is from the Grammar School in Jeseník and the Rainbow Leisure Centre Jeseník team consisting girls and boys aged from 13 to 99+ years.

RUR robots
Photos of the RUR robots designed by RUR-team will be exhibited during Cafe Neu Romance (26-28 November 2015) at Galerie NTK.

Galerie NTK
Technická 6
16080 Prague.