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Cafe Neu Romance: Press images:
Cafe Neu Romance

The Italian Human-Robot Band Cobol Pongide hold two concerts at Cafe Neu Romance 2012.

Cafe Neu Romance: Videos:
Cafe Neu Romance 2012: Introduction video
Cafe Neu Romance 2013: Introduction video
Cafe Neu Romance 2014: Introduction video
Cafe Neu Romance 2015: Introduction video
Cafe Neu Romance 2016: Introduction video

ABB Robotics: IRB 120 (Vol. 1) (CZE)
ABB Robotics: IRB 120 (Vol. 2) (CZE)
Anouk Wipprecht (NDL) & Daniel Schatzmayr (AUT): Robotic Spider Dress
ATR Hiroshi Ishiguro Lab (JPN): Hugvie
Czech Technical University (CZE): LEGO MINDSTORMS models
Engineered Arts (GRB): RoboThespian reflects on The Astronomical Clock in Prague
Engineered Arts (GRB): RoboThespian reflects on Golem
Engineered Arts (GRB): RoboThespian reflects on Rossum's Universal Robots (R.U.R)
Fernando Orellana (SLV): Dramatis Personae
Fernando Orellana (SLV): Paradiso
Fernando Orellana (SLV): Paradiso
France Cadet: Dog[LAB] (FRA): FlyingPig
France Cadet: Hunting Trophies (FRA): Antelope
Higher Vocational School in Stìtí (CZE): Robot Artik
Jindrich Vodicka (CZE): Tvor
LEGO Group (DNK): LEGO Education
Matthew Gardiner (AUS): Oribotics
Michael Brandl (AUT): LEGO MINDSTORMS Hyperbot
Michael Brandl (AUT): LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot (Labyrinth)
Michael Brandl (AUT): LEGO MINDSTORMS Robots (Globe Plotter + Submarine)
Mimoks ARG (ARG): M1, M2 & M3 Robots
Per Holmquist (SWE): Beat Blox
Sebastian Ecer (CZE): LEGO TECHNIC: Icehockey Match
Stanley Povoda (CZE): Robot
Vive Les Robots! (DNK): Karel Capek & R.U.R - Trailer
Will Gorman (USA): LEGO MINDSTORMS model of NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover
Xander Soldaat (NDL): LEGO MINDSTORMS Robots (I)
Xander Soldaat (NDL): LEGO MINDSTORMS Robots (II)
Xander Soldaat (NDL): LEGO MINDSTORMS Turtle Soccer Bot
Zwax (AUT): Amalettomat robot
Zwax (AUT): Amalettomat robot

Lectures / Presentations:
Anouk Wipprecht (NDL): Presentation
Bernie Stern (USA): Alternate Barbarella and Artificial Humans
Cathrine Hasse (DNK): Introduction: Educational Robots - A New Companion Species
Cody Poulton (CAN): Spectral Presences of Media and Machinery in Contemporary Japanese Performance
David Johan Christensen (DNK): Fable makes it easy, fun and educational to build modular robots
Dmitry Morozov (RUS): My robotics art works
Dorte Marie Søndergaard (DNK), Aarhus University: Humanoids and avatars - gender and technological mediation
Dustin Breitling (USA): Artificial Asymmetries: Cognition and Projections
Edward Scheer (AUS): The Robots are Coming but don't worry they can't act
Elizabeth Jochum (USA): Deus Ex Machina: Robots and Puppets in the 21st Century
Fabrice Noreils (FRA): A TATLETALE BOT or how to create a robot such that the audience is able to form emotional bond with?
France Cadet (FRA): Our Robotic Future: Presentation
Friedrich Kirschner (GER): Robots as subjects vs. Robots as Symbols. Tales from the trenches of using robots as puppets in theatre performances
Gold Extra (AUT): Frankenstein
Hideaki Ogawa (JPN): Robotinity
Jamie Wallace (GBR): Human through making: a view of robots as the material practices of their production
Jana Horáková (CZE): Fakes, Forgeries and Robots
Jana Horáková (CZE): Karel Capek - Czech Frankenstein
Jean-Baptiste Mouret (FRA): Robots that can adapt to damage in minutes
Jiri Barta (CZE): Golem
Joel Lehman (USA): Creative Algorithms for Evolving Robots
Jozef Kelemen (SVK): A New Technology for an Old Dream -  Robots, Golems, and Vice Versa
Kasper Støy (DNK): Flora-robotica: plant-robot hybrid organisms
Kathleen Richardson (GBR): An Attachment Crisis? Gender, intimate relationship and companion robots
Lee Magpili (USA): A journey through robotics and Inspiring the builders of tomorrow
Louis Armand (AUS): Mind Fucks: Artificial Intelligence & Robot Evolution
Magnus Wurzer (AUT): Roboexotica (2012)
Magnus Wurzer (AUT): Roboexotica (2013)
Manfred Hild (GER): Design Principles of the Humanoid Robot Myon: Why was it built that way?
Marc Andre Bazergui (CAN): How a movie poster changed his life, one brick at a time
Maria Vircikova (SVK): Intelligent Social Robots
Mark Drobnych (UKR) & Oleksiy Drobnych (UKR): ELFi Robotics Education Program
Martin Dlouhý (CZE): Robotour
Martin Samek (CZE): LEGO MINDSTORMS in education
Matthias Paul Scholz (GER) and Aswin Bouwmeester (NDL): LEGO MINDSTORMS and sound
Michael Valeur (DNK): The Anatomy of the Robot
Olga Pek (CZE): Trans(who?)man
Oliver Tafdrup (DNK): Multistability and Human Plasticity
Petr Skála (CZE): The Astronomical Clock in Prague
Phil Ayres (DNK/GBR): Robotics in Architecture - paradigms and perspectives
Philip Hilm (DNK): The existential risk from artificial intelligence
Rena Milgrom (CZE): Rudolf Laban and his movement analysis
Sebastian Ecer (CZE): LEGO MINDSTORMS presentation
Sebastian Risi (GER): Bio-inspired, Automated Design of Machine Bodies and Artificial Brains
Stéphane Bonardi (FRA): Modular robots for smart environments
Sven Stumm (GER): Towards synthesis of human and robotic work through haptic programming and interactive learning
Suguru Goto (JPN):  My robot works for music and performance
Thomas Hitthaler (AUT): Our Robotic Future: Presentation: Long Distance Art Project
Vojtech Vonasek (CZE): Our Robotic Future: Presentation: Modular Robotics
Zaven Paré (FRA): Hiroshi Ishiguro
Vaclav Janoscik (CZE): The Robot Within

Cathrine Hasse (DNK), Jamie Wallace (GBR) & Oliver Tafdrup (DNK): Educational Robots - A New Companion, Play with imaginaries, drawings and NAO
Kiddum (CZE): LEGO Wedo Workshop
Matthias Paul Scholz (GER): LEGO MINDSTORMS Workshop
Zaven Paré (FRA): Electronic Puppet
Zaven Paré (FRA): Electronic Puppet Workshop

Concerts / Live Performances:
Cobol Pongide (ITA): Concert
Darina Alster (CZE) & Johana Strizkova (CZE): Posthuman Research
Dmitry Morozov (RUS): Reading My Body
Opificio Sonico (ITA): Toa Mata Band live at Galerie NTK
Opificio Sonico (ITA): Toa Mata Band live at IIM, Czech Technical University
Vive Les Robots (DNK) & The RUR-Team (CZE): R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots): Prologue
Stanley Povoda (CZE) & Amanitas (CZE)

Prague Hebocon 2016: Introduction video
Tour the Stairs 2014: Introduction video
Tour the Stairs 2014: Jessica (CZE)
Tour the Stairs 2014: RKA Pisek (CZE)
Tour the Stairs 2014: RKA Pisek (CZE)
Tour the Stairs 2014: R-Bot (CZE)
Tour the Stairs 2014: R-Bot (CZE)
Tour the Stairs 2014: Tea Pack Systems (CZE)
Tour the Stairs 2015: Martin Dlouhý
Tour the Stairs 2015: Radioklub Písek

Interviews (with participants):
Emir Ceren (TUR): The Metamorphosis
France Cadet (FRA): Robots Mon Amour
Ivo Kristian Kubak (CZE): Golem Stvanice
Jiri Barta (CZE): Golem
Jindrich Vodicka (CZE): Interview
Joey Daoud (USA): Bots High
Mark Drobnych (UKR): ELFi Robotics
Martin Cerny, Radioklub Písek (CZE): Robotem Rovne
Martin Necas, Czech Technical University (CZE): Cooperating robots for machining and cable-driven robots
Martin Saska, Czech Technical University (CZE): Swarms of flying robots inspired by natural flocks
Nigel Ackland (GBR): BeBionic3 hand
Sara Dittrich (USA): Linking Everyday Rhythms to Artworks Through Robotics
Sascha Schulze (GER): The Golem Mythology
Simon Raffy (FRA): Golem works
Steven Canvin, LEGO Group (DNK): LEGO MINDSTORMS
Terri Ogle (GBR): The Golem Illustrations
Zaven Paré (FRA): The Spleen
Zuzana Husarova (SVK) & Olga Pek (CZE): Trans(who?)man

Anna Kolácková, The Embassy of Denmark in the Czech Republic (CZE): Speech at the Robotics, Architecture and Movement Session at Cafe Neu Romance 2016
David Obdrzálek, Charles University (CZE): Interview on Robotic Day
The Embassy of Denmark in the Czech Republic (DNK): LEGO MINDSTORMS DAY
Lars Kjellberg, The Embassy of Denmark in the Czech Republic (DNK): Opening Speech LEGO MINDSTORMS Day 2012
Lars Kjellberg, The Embassy of Denmark in the Czech Republic (DNK): Opening Speech LEGO MINDSTORMS Day 2013
Lars Kjellberg, The Embassy of Denmark in the Czech Republic (DNK): Opening Speech LEGO MINDSTORMS Day 2014
Petra Kourimská, The Embassy of Denmark in the Czech Republic (CZE): Interview
Zbynek Pokorný, Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade: Interview

David Cerny (CZE): Piss
The Pub (CZE): Dinner

Cafe Neu Romance: Videos: Other productions
Cafe Neu Romance, Prague
Toa Mata Band - Live in Prague#1
Toa Mata Band - Live in Prague#2

[image source: Vive Les Robots!]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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The Danish "robot" marketing and event firm Vive Les Robots! was the main organizer of Cafe Neu Romance.


The Gallery of the National Technical Library in Prague, Galerie NTK, was the co-organizer of Cafe Neu Romance.


The Institute of Intermedia (IIM) at the Czech Technical University, was a special partner of Cafe Neu Romance.