CNR 2016: Lectures: Rena Milgrom (CZE): Rudolf Laban and his movement analysis

Despite the fact that almost everyone from the field of movement or dance has heard about Rudolf Laban, not many students in the Czech Republic really know his work.

Laban set down his most important theories btw. 1910 - 1958 and after his death, this huge legacy is being further developed by others until today. Laban always was, and still is contemporary and new.

Originally a visual artist, he decided to enter into the difficult and unrecognized field of dance. He was a great observer since his childhood and intuitively felt  that human movement is fascinating and encompasses many undiscovered aspects and meanings.

During his lifework, he came up with a complex structure and tools how to observe and create human movement.  Drawing at first from Proportion theory, Empathy theory, Psychology, Art Nouveau and Expressionism , he created a unique Space Harmony theory along with Effort taxonomy of human movement. Today, we can study deeply his work in five main cathegories: Body, Effort, Space, Shape and Phrasing. The task is to figure out the particularities of every individual, to see the parts within the whole. Laban Movement Analysis is used widely not only in the field of Dance education and Theater, but also in body oriented psychotherapies, coaching, sport and robotics.

Bio: Rena Milgrom, CMA, DMT. Education: LIMS, New York, TANTER Prague, accredited courses in Body-Mind Centering, discipline of Improvisation, Central Asian dances, Contemporary Dance. Certified Movement Analyst, teacher, event organizer, Dance-Movement Therapist and Choreographer.

Based on her modern dance background and years of research on traditional dances and rituals from India to Central Asia she has synthesized a dance style drawing from contemporary and oriental dance. Her teaching method is based on principles of Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies, Bartenieff Fundamentals and work with rhythm while encouraging personal expression and awareness.

Her work is divided into few areas - education, therapy, choreography and performance. Rena has been teaching dance extensively throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Currently she is teaching LMA at the Palluca Dance Conservatory in Dresden and in her private studio DanceLab Prague. She has made field research on Central Asian dances, music and culture and regularly cooperates with international artists. Her artistic projects have always included dance with live music. She collaborates regularly with master percussionist Hearn Gadbois.

Rena is the founder of DanceLab studio in Prague, and a director of Open field NGO, focusing on dance education,music, performances and festivals. Under the Open field NGO she produced four international art festivals focused on dance, lectures, music and visual art.

As a somatic artist, she developed a two year educational program "Conscious Body". As a Dance Movement Therapist, Rena is working for the last four years in a clinical environment with people with addictions and with Parkinson patients.

Her choreographic work includes: Thousand and one nights ( for Theater Minor, Prague), Silk road, Persian Miniatures, Conference of the Birds, The Book of Hours and biennal international happening Global Water Dances.

DanceLab Prague

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Cafe Neu Romance 2016:

rena milgrom

Rena Milgrom is Certified Movement Analyst, teacher, event organizer, Dance-Movement Therapist and Choreographer.

Rudolf Laban and his movement analysis
Rena Milgrom will present her lecture "Rudolf Laban and his movement analysis" at 5:45 - 6:15 pm on the 25 October 2016 at IIM (Institute of Intermedia), FEL CVUT (Czech Technical University) in Prague.

IIM (Institute of Intermedia)
Hall H25 at FEL CVUT
Technická 2
CZ-160 00 Prague.
Czech Republic

rena milgrom