CNR 2016: Lectures: Philip Hilm (DNK): The existential risk from artificial intelligence

The human race is currently the dominant species because the human brain has some distinctive capabilities that other animals lack. But if the progress in artificial intelligence continues at the current rate, we might be facing a superior intellect in the foreseable future. Just as the fate of many animals are in human hands, so could the preservation or extinction of humanity depend on the goodwill of super-intelligent machines.

This presentation focuses on the likelihood of this scenario and possible solutions if we get there.

Bio: While math and problem solving comes naturally to Philip Hilm, the opposite can be said about his understanding of people. He has long ago recognized, that he needs a very deliberate effort to understand why people think and act the way they do. This has since become a passion and has led to a career as a professional poker player and now as an artificial intelligence researcher. Phil believes artificial intelligence will be the main factor shaping our future. As an affectionate father of 2, he finds great purpose in working for a brighter future.

[image source: Philip Hilm]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Cafe Neu Romance 2016:

Philip Hilm

Philip Hilm had earlier an career as a professional poker player and is now an artificial intelligence researcher .

The existential risk from artificial intelligence
Philip Hilm will present his lecture "The existential risk from artificial intelligence" at 10 - 10:30 am on the 25 October 2016 at IIM (Institute of Intermedia), FEL CVUT (Czech Technical University) in Prague.

IIM (Institute of Intermedia)
Hall H25 at FEL CVUT
Technická 2
CZ-160 00 Prague.
Czech Republic