CNR 2016: Lectures: Phil Ayres (DNK/GBR): Robotics in Architecture - paradigms and perspectives

This lecture examines the intersection between Robotics and Architecture. It argues that the consideration of robots within the discipline of Architecture can be distinguished into two prevalent paradigms. The first focuses on the use of robotics as a tool for the processing of material within fabrication and assembly processes.

The second examines robotics as part of the architectural fabric itself, either as a subsystem that acts as boundary and enclosure, or as an architectural 'occupant'. With reference to our research conducted at CITA (Centre for Information Technology and Architecture), Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark, both of these paradigms will be explored to tease out perspectives for our collective Architectural future.

Phil Ayres is an architect, researcher and educator. He joined CITA in 2009 after a decade of teaching and research at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London, and completing his PhD in Denmark at the Aarhus School of Architecture. He has also been a partner of the architectural research and fabrication practice sixteen*(makers) since 1998.

Phil's research explores the potentials that lie at the intersection between digital and material practice. His current focus is on adaptive systems that combine technical organic systems, together with the development of complimentary design environments. This interest is currently pursued through the EU funded project flora robotica on which Phil is a Principle Investigator.

Phil's teaching roles are focused at Masters and PhD level and he is also the editor of the title Persistent Modelling - extending the role of architectural representation published by Routledge.

Phil Ayres

[image source: Flora Robotica/CITA]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Cafe Neu Romance 2016:

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Phil Ayres is an architect, researcher and educator at CITA, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Robotics in Architecture - paradigms and perspectives
Phil Ayres will present his lecture "Robotics in Architecture - paradigms and perspectives" at 6:45 - 7:15 pm on the 25 October 2016 at IIM (Institute of Intermedia), FEL CVUT (Czech Technical University) in Prague.

IIM (Institute of Intermedia)
Hall H25 at FEL CVUT
Technická 2
CZ-160 00 Prague.
Czech Republic


den danske ambassade prag

Thanks to Danish Agency for Culture and Embassy of Denmark in the Czech Republic for supporting that architect Phil Ayres from CITA (Centre for Information Technology and Architecture) in Copenhagen, can present his lecture on robotics and architecture in Prague.

Phil Ayres