CNR 2014: Lectures: ::vtol:: (RUS): My robotics art work

::vtol:: is a project of a Moscow media-artist, musician and engineer of strange-sounding mechanisms - Dmitry Morozov. Starting in mid 00s, Dmitry actively began using DIY and circuit-bent instruments for his own music projects, as well as making instruments for other musicians and media artists at the same time.

Besides making music and instruments, Dmitry creates audiovisual art-installations and advocates circuit bending and DIY electronic in Russia by means of lectures and workshops. As artist and musician he has participated in many art festivals and gigs in Russia, Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Serbia, Slovenia, China, Hong Kong, India, Lithuania and Israel.

At Cafe Neu Romance 2014 ::vtol:: Will hold a presentation on his robotics art works.

[image source: ::vtol::]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Cafe Neu Romance 2014:


::vtol:: robo

::vtol:: aka Dmitry Morozov is a Moscow media-artist, musician and engineer of strange-sounding mechanisms.

My Robotics Art Work
Dmitry Morozov (::vtol::) will talk about some of his robotic art works in a presentation at Cafe Neu Romance on the 27 of November 2014 at IIM.

IIM (Institute of Intermedia)
Hall H25 at FEL CVUT
Technická 2
160 00 Prague.

Note for the visitors of IIM: Go first to the info-desk at Galerie NTK, Technická 6, to get an entrance badge.