CNR 2014: Lectures: Sascha Schulze (GER): The Golem Mythology

During fall 2013, seven students visited Prague to explore the mythology of the Golem and created three postcards each featuring this legend. Sascha Schulze who was one of the students provides his printed postcards for this year's main theme of Cafe Neu Romance, which is "Golem and The Mechanical Man of the Future".

On Friday 28th of November, he will give a brief insight on the project introducing the involved schools in Germany and Prague. He'll talk about the task given and the production goal of the project - creating a box with postcards featuring the students' various styles and ideas inside.

Sascha will explain his position during the project and how he expanded it to form a media presentation which goes beyond the ordinary projects of Ernst-Litfaß-Schule.

Next to the postcards, which were the main subject of the journey, Sascha set up a weblog, created a poster and helped at designing and creating the logo of the project. He even came up with a unique character design for the Golem.

But Sascha won't just talk about his creations and enthusiasm for this project. He will present the overall collection of the postcard series and talk about his thoughts on the results of the other students.

He will get more into detail about his digital art creations, talking about his work and inspiration and how hard it was to produce given the living situation amongst the other students.

The Golem Mythology

[image source: Sascha Schulze]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Cafe Neu Romance 2014:


Sascha Schulze poster

Sascha Schulze is a German web-designer based in Berlin.

The Golem Mythology
Sascha Schulze will presents "The Golem Mythology" at Cafe Neu Romance on the 28 November 2014 at the Balling Hall of NTK.

Balling Hall, NTK
Technická 6
16080 Prague.