CNR 2014: Lectures: LEGO® Group (DNK): LEGO Education: Lee Magpili (USA): A journey through robotics and Inspiring the builders of tomorrow

Lee Magpili is a LEGO MINDSTORMS Designer working for LEGO Group.

LEGO Education found Lee through his community engagement with LEGO MINDSTORMS back in his native New York. He now lives and works in Billund, Denmark, designing robots for LEGO Education that inspires and develops the builders of tomorrow through inspiring hands-on robotics building and engaging learning experiences.

Lee will take you through his LEGO robotic creations as a story encompassing his journey to Billund, Denmark and how he fits into the vision of LEGO Education with playful learning, inspiring the builders of tomorrow and reaching as many children across the globe. You will see how some of his robots have come together, from a series of Robot Dragons to the small, Robot Educator Base Model from LEGO Education and everything in between.

LEGO Education

[image source: Lee Magpili]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Cafe Neu Romance 2014:


Lee Magpili 2

Lee Magpili is a LEGO MINDSTORMS Designer working for LEGO Group.


LEGO MINDSTORMS presentation by Lee Magpili
The Amercian LEGO MINDSTORMS Designer Lee Magpili will talk about his work at LEGO Education at Cafe Neu Romance on the 27 November 2014 at IIM.

IIM (Institute of Intermedia)
Hall H25 at FEL CVUT
Technická 2
160 00 Prague.

Note for the visitors of IIM: Go first to the info-desk at Galerie NTK, Technická 6, to get an entrance badge.