CNR 2014: Lectures: Jiri Barta (CZE) & Edgar Dutka (CZE): Golem

Jirí Barta and Edgar Dutka will present their Golem movie project during Cafe Neu Romance at the Balling Hall of NTK in Prague on the 28 November.

His dedication to animated film dates from his graduation at Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague - Department of Film and TV graphics.

At the end of sixties he designed puppets and sets in small and experimental theatres in Prague.

Since 1978 he co-operated with the Studio Jiri Trnka (Prague) as  designer, director and script writer of his animated projects.

In 1993 he acceded to the Academy of Art again as a head of Department - Film and TV Graphics where he spent 15 years. During that time he became a professor in his specialization. In 2009 he found the new department - "Animation Art Studio" at West Bohemian University - Faculty of Art and Design (Pilsen) where he teaches until now.

He works with three-dimensional animation, mainly puppets and real objects in combination with all possible techniques and live acting. Except of two feature puppet films ("PIED PIPER" and "IN THE ATTIC"), his art work is specialize in short animated films for adults. These films have been already showed on many international film festivals where they got many awards.

Beside of films, his artwork includes theatre stage settings and illustrations.

1978 - "RIDDLES FOR A CANDY" (5 min.)
2000 - "THE TYRANT AND THE CHILD" - animated African tale (10 min.)
2009 - "IN THE ATTIC" ( 75 min.)

1980 - "DISC JOCKEY" (7 min.)
1981 - "PROJECT" ( 7 min.)
1982 - "THE EXTINCT WORLD OF GLOVES" ( 18 min.)

EDGAR DUTKA (1941) Prof. MgA.
Film screenwriter and writer. He finished FAMU in Prague (Department of Screenwriting and Dramaturgy) in 1971 and spent next 17 years in animation studios (Jiri Trnka and Brothers in Trick) as a dramaturg, screenwriter and director.

He realised as a writer or co-writer 44 animated films. His films got many awards on International Film Festivals as End of the Cube Prix of jury in Cannes (1980) and nomination of the British Academy Award, The Club of Disposed (1989) in Bilbao or The incredible Dream for UNO etc.

He had cooperated as a writer with many directors-animators and specially with his colleque and friend Jiri Barta to these days.

From 1992 he went back to FAMU as a teacher and as a professor of History of animation he wrote two textbooks - The Animated Film and Minimum from the history of the Czech animation and Minimum from the history of the World animation.

Golem movie by Jirí Barta
Golem exhibition by Jirí Barta

[image source: Jirí Barta]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Cafe Neu Romance 2014:


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Jirí Barta and Edgar Dutka are respectively the Director and the Screenwriter of the feature-length combined (live action and animation) Golem film, which still is in production after more than 25 year.

Jirí Barta and Edgar Dutka will present their Golem movie project during Cafe Neu Romance at the Balling Hall of NTK in Prague on the 28 November.

Balling Hall, NTK
Technická 6
16080 Prague.