CNR 2013: Exhibition: Jamie Martin (GBR)

Jamie Martin is an award winning concept designer, graphic artist and 3D modeller based in London, England. He focus primarily on 2D & 3D concept design, as well as GUI (Graphical User Interface) designs for a variety of industries, including film, game, automotive, robotic, military, and others. He welcome design projects from both local and international clients.

He always endeavour to inject his work with a fresh creative edge, and pride himself on being able to deliver a full conceptual package - from initial 2D proposals through to final, detailed illustrations, graphics, or photo-real 3D visuals. As well as utilising free-hand artwork techniques, the software packages he primarily work with are Maxon 'Cinema 4D' for 3D modelling, visuals and animation, and Adobe 'Photoshop', and 'Illustrator' for 2D compositing, visuals and graphic design.

Being an avid moviegoer, video gamer and car fanatic, he has always had an artistic interest in the methods behind their creation. Having trained as an automotive designer he developed 3D modelling skills as a means to enhance the visualisation of my 2D concept artwork. His designs have been featured in a wide range of magazines and online articles, as well as winning awards, and his YouTube videos have been viewed over 2 million times to date.

Designed as an alternative to the more common bipedal/humanoid robot concepts. Jamie Martin wanted to experiment with incorporating a multi-legged design of the likes I hadn't seen before, and sought inspiration from the insect and crustacean world.

This is the 'fantasy information' he dreamt up about the robot: "With the introduction of the new C.R.A.B. robotic sentry system, policing has been revolutionised for the 21st Century. The advanced robotics technology behind the C.R.A.B.'s artificial intelligence has been secretly developed over the past 12 years as a joint venture between weapons manufacturer Dalton/Stanley and mega-corporation Omni-Corp. The results of their historical collaboration has been to produce the most advanced robotic defence system ever constructed, featuring next-generation weaponry and armour protection. The C.R.A.B. is set to pave the way for all future Police and Military automaton technology, and will be found on patrol in the public domain very soon."


[image source: Jamie Martin]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Cafe Neu Romance 2013:
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CNR 2012: Jamie Martin

Jamie Martin is an award winning concept designer, graphic artist and 3D modeller based in London, England.

Concept images from C.R.A.B. will be shown during the Cafe Neu Romance festival (27-30 November 2013) at the Galerie NTK.

Galerie NTK
Technická 6
16080 Prague.