CNR 2012: Program: November 26th 2012

Galerie NTK (Cafe Neu Romance + Cafe Neu Romance Playground + Cafe Neu Romance Exhibition) Entrance: Free
18:00-23:00: CNR 2012: Opening of the Exhibition at Cafe Neu Romance 2012. Electro music from the EP "Robots come to me" by RUR. SPIDER DRESS // robotic dress performance by Anouk Wipprecht (NDL) & Daniel Schatzmayr (AUT)

Cafe Neu Romance - Karel Capek

Jana Horakova of Masaryk University in Brno will hold the opening lecture: Karel Capek - Czech Frankenstein, just after short videos on Karel Capek by Vive Les Robots! and Engineered Arts Ltd.. have been presented.

Galerie NTK (Cafe Neu Romance) Entrance: Free
19:00: CNR 2012: Opening of Czech Robot Evening by Vive Les Robots! (DNK)
19:15: CNR 2012: RoboThespian. Three small videos on Karel Capek, Golem of Prague and the automata's of the Astronomical Clock in Prague by Engineered Arts Ltd. (GBR)
19:30: CNR 2012: Capeks Universal Robots. Trailer to a forthcoming documentary on The Capek Brothers & Rossum's Universal Robots (RUR) by Vive Les Robots! (DNK)
19:45: CNR 2012: Karel Capek - Czech Frankenstein. Lecture by Jana Horakova (CZE)
20:30: CNR 2012: Questions to the lecture by Jana Horakova: Karel Capek - Czech Frankenstein (CZE)

Galerie NTK (Cafe Neu Romance Playground)
21:30: CNR 2012: Concert with Stanley Povoda and his Robot Band by Stanley Povoda & AMANITAS fire theatre show (CZE)

CNR 2012: Program: November 26th 2012
CNR 2012: Program: November 27th 2012
CNR 2012: Program: November 28th 2012
CNR 2012: Program: November 29th 2012
CNR 2012: Program: November 30th 2012

[image source: Ales Nemec / Remake EU / Vojtech Kubec / Vive Les Robots!]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Cafe Neu Romance 2012:

Cafe Neu Romance - Jana Horakova

Jana Horáková has written the book Robot Jako Robot which is about Karel Capek and Rossum's Universal Robots (RUR).

CNR 2012: November 26th, 2012
The Exhibition will be opened from 18. At 19, the big Czech robots evening will start with a trailer from the forthcoming documentary "Capeks Universal Robots" by Vive Les Robots! (DNK), three small videos with the British humanoid robot, RoboThespian, before Jana Horakove will hold the opening lecture of the festival: Karel Capek - Czech Frankenstein. The evening will end with a concert with Stanley Povoda and his robot band.

Galerie NTK
Technická 6
16080 Prague.