CNR 2012: Participants: Joey Daoud (USA)

Joey Daoud is a documentary director and producer from Miami Beach, FL. His latest project is the feature length documentary Bots High, which takes an exciting look behind the scenes of high school robot creators and the spectacular end to their robots.

Cafe Neu Romance - Joey Daoud

Other past projects incorporate Daoud's fascination in examining often overlooked areas, from super-productive workers in his short documentary You 2.0 to a detailed look at cubicles. Despite producing them as school projects while earning a degree in Motion Picture, Television, and Recording Arts at Florida State University, the projects generated international press and viral status on some of the most highly trafficked blogs. Daoud also produced segments for PBS and documented villages in Haiti.

When not filming real life, Daoud can be found reading a printed copy of the Sunday New York Times or looking for geocaches.

Bots High (abstract)
Bots High

[image source: Coffee and Celluloid]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Cafe Neu Romance 2012:

Cafe Neu Romance - Joey Daoud II

Joey Daoud is the Director of the documentary Bots High (2011).

Bots High
The American documentary by Joey Daoud will be shown several times with Czech subtitles at the exhibition during the Cafe Neu Romance festival (27.-29. of November 2012 from 9:30am - 1pm each day) at the Galerie NTK.

Galerie NTK
Technická 6
16080 Prague.