CNR 2012: Participants: Dek (BEL)

Born in Charleroi, Belgium, in 1980, Dek was used to live near the the factories, who influenced him a lot.

He studied cinema techniques at INRACI in Brussels till 2004, and discovered the world of animation and especially stop motion, using puppets to create another kind of artificial life.

In the same time, he got obsessed by robots and by the fact of creating artifical life and giving consciousness to machines, and fell in love with electronic music.

He released his first tracks under the alias of "Robot Comes to Me", under Creative Commons license at, the netlabel created by his friend This One.

In 2007, he moved to Saint-Etienne, France, another industrial town, to live with his girlfiend MKZ.

They acted together as VJ's under the name of "Codex Astartes" in Techno parties, linking together psychedelism and industrial/ cyberpunk culture, and they recently selfproduced a promotional video (live shot, 2D/3D animation) for a local underground electronic artist from Saint-Etienne, Pink Ipnotika, on a song called "Droid Kick". And they keep pasting stencils posters in their town!

Dek still produced electronic music, and will released soon Psychedelic Trance tracks!


Robot Comes to Me (now called Robot Comes to Her):

VJ Codex Astartes

RUR's stencils


Pink Ipnotika - Droid Kick does not exist anymore, it became:

[image source: Dek]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Cafe Neu Romance 2012:

Cafe Neu Romance - DEK 1

RUR is the nickname of Dek for stencils pasting. Discover some of these works at the Cafe Neu Romance Exhibtion.

Cafe Neu Romance - Dek 2

Listning to the EP "Robots come to me", including the compostion "Rossum's Universal Robots [A] Hymn" and other tracks by the Belgian Street Artist Dek during the Czech Robot evening at the Cafe Neu Romance festival (26. of November 2012) at the Galerie NTK.

Galerie NTK
Technická 6
16080 Prague.