CNR 2012: Participants: Cobol Pongide (ITA)

Cobol Pongide is a human-robot toy music band featuring Cobol and Emiglino Cicala.
Their music is inspired by lonely robots, retrofuture, sci-fi and exoplanets.

Cobol [the human member] is a graduate of the Institute for Harmonic and Kinematics Arts in Prague.
Cobol plays toy keyboards and old home computers/console [Commodore 64, Gameboys (Nanoloop cartridge)] and self-made circuit bended machines [Chicco Fuzz, Casio_bol Life Generator, Biodrum].

Emiglino Cicala [the robotic member] was programmed at the Giochi Preziosi TM laboratory, in Milan, Italy.
Emiglino is the frontbot, the lead singer, in equivalent human terms.
He is the typical front-bot: rock and roll and wild debugging.

Emiglino Cicala write the lyrics by a simple text editor. His songs tell about:
- space missions;
- robots against housework;
- training for young cosmonauts;
- nostalgia of elderly cosmonauts;
- everyday life herbivorous sauropods.

Cobol Pongide loves cosmologic events and this passion become obvious in their songs and videos shot for the cosmonautic academies in Zvezdny Gorodok and Pleseck.

When they printed their first cd "Musica per anziani cosmonauti" (Music for Elderly Cosmonauts) tried to organize a tour in hospices. Did not succeed because old men don't plead their cause.
When they printed free ep "filodiffusione per ambinti in assenza di gravita'" (Cable radio in zero gravity environments) tried to arrange a live performance on a Boeing 727-700 in a parabolic trajectory. Even that time they not able to play because no one in Interkozmosz space agency believed that Emiglino was able to fly a Boeing by means of serial cable.
Actually they are working third album. They try crowdfunding experience for actual deployment.

In 2011 Cobol Pongide are appointed official band for the sonorization in 2021 Mars mission with human crew.

Concert with Cobol Pongide

[image source: Cobol Pongide]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Cafe Neu Romance 2012:

Cafe Neu Romance - Cobol Pongide

Cobol Pongide is a human-robot toy music band featuring Cobol and Emiglino Cicala.

Cobol Pongide
The Concert with Cobol Pongide... (the time and place will be announced later on).

Galerie NTK
Technická 6
16080 Prague.