CNR 2012: Exhibition: J, Robot (USA)

In January of 1995, the port city of Kobe, Japan was ravaged by a powerful earthquake and resulting fire which left over 6000 people dead and many more thousands injured. Over the last sixteen years the city has recovered.

Now, a heroic figure rises up out of a newly rebuilt city neighborhood: Tetsujin-28, an 18-meter metal robot sculpture. This is a life-size replica of a beloved anime character created in 1963. (known as Gigantor in the U.S.)

In Japan, Kobe citizens are not alone in their love for robots, both real and imagined. Many Japanese have a special fondness for mechanical humanoids.

Government, academic and scientific institutions, along with industry leaders are investing time and money in developing the technology to create a humanoid robot workforce. This extraordinary development is fueled by more than the simple motivation of an aging population and the lack of younger workers.

"J, Robot" explores Japan's unique cultural attitudes, artistic sensibilities and technological differences that might make their robotic leap possible.

Michael Garrigues

[image source: Foglifter Media]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Cafe Neu Romance 2012:

Cafe Neu Romance - J, Robot

Michael Garrigues is the Director of the documentary J, Robot (2012).

J, Robot
The American documentary on Japanese humanoid robots by Michael Garrigues will be shown several times at the exhibition during the Cafe Neu Romance festival (27.-29. of November 2012 from 2pm - 6pm each day) at the Galerie NTK.

Galerie NTK
Technická 6
16080 Prague.