Prague: The European City Of Artificial Life Forms

There's a strong tradition of artifical life forms in Prague. For example is the strongest story on Golem connected to the city, where Rabbi Loew created the humanoid robot in 1580.

The legend tells that the Golem was created by some of the clay taken from the widths of Vltava and by magic formulas recited by Rabbi Loew to protect Jews from harm from Prague's Christian population.

After it had completed its mission the big artificial creature was deprived its life again by the creator Rabbi Loew, who together with some of his assistants, buried the robot in the Old-New Synagogue in Prague.

Here it will be buried until the day it will need it again.

But it's not just the story of the Golem that makes Prague into a center for artificial life in Europe.

Interview with Jiri Barta, a Grand old man of Czech animation on his ambitious Golem movie project.

On the city's landmark, the Charles Bridge, the sculptures of Jesus (who resurrected from the dead) and John of Nepomuk (who was transformed to five stars after being thrown into the river Vltava) is located. And many places in Prague's four historic districts the amount of puppets, which that can be seen in shops and theaters, about the area's great fascination for artificial life forms.

Therefore it seems quite logic that the word robot in 1920/21 was created in Prague by the Capek Brothers.

[image source: Vive Les Robots!]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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