Enjoy Mechanical Nightlife In The City Of Romance

In one of Prague's suburbs you can explore incredible interior and exterior pieces created by Frantisek Chmelík and his team at Cross Club, which arose from DIY principles.

When you enter the building you can immediately sense the particular interior which gives reminiscent of old science fiction movies like Flash Gordon and Metropolis because many places there are placed rotating, mechanical and kinetic sculptures from the ceiling and along the walls.

At Cross Club you can enjoy the alternative culture in Prague be unfolded in non mainstream music styles, which is presented on two stages all days during a week.

During the opening of Cafe Neu Romance Czech robot wizard Stanley Povoda performed with Czech fire theater performance group Amanitas.

In the center and many places around the city you can visit the non-smoking bar and restaurant concept, The Pub. Here you can experience great times with your friends at the self-serving beer taps, and tap your own beer directly from the beer tanks, sample the drink and food assortment at the bar, and choose and order the music that you like directly from the touch panels at your table. Beside that, you can enjoy beer games against other PUBs or your buddies at the next table on the big screen.

There are numerous opportunities to be entertained in a city that never sleeps, and where it is cheaper to drink beers than water.

[image source: Vive Les Robots!]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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The Danish "robot" marketing and event firm Vive Les Robots! was the main organizer of Cafe Neu Romance.


The Gallery of the National Technical Library in Prague, Galerie NTK, was the co-organizer of Cafe Neu Romance.


The Institute of Intermedia (IIM) at the Czech Technical University, was a special partner of Cafe Neu Romance.