Robotics Day of Czech Technical University

Come to the presentations with three of the best Czech robotics researchers from the Czech Technical University and join them when they are having their guided robot lab tour.

From 1pm-4pm the Czech Technical University on the 27 November 2014 at Galerie NTK is having demonstrations of robots and presentations by:

Presentation: 2:20pm-2:40pm: Swarms of flying robots inspired by natural flocks (Martin Saska - Faculty of Electrical Engineering)
Presentation: 2:40pm-3pm: Cooperating robots for machining and cable-driven robots  (Prof. Michael Valasek - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)
Presentation: 3pm-3:20pm: Dual-arm robotic manipulation with flexible objects as clothes (Prof. Vaclav Hlavac - Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetics)
Lab Tour: 3:20pm-4pm: Guided by Prof. Michael Valasek.

[image source: Czech Technical University]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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The Danish "robot" marking and event firm Vive Les Robots! is the main organizer of Cafe Neu Romance.


The Gallery of the National Technical Library in Prague, Galerie NTK, is co-organizer of Cafe Neu Romance.